Gold MYR 351.71 / g
Silver MYR 4.48 / g
MYR 1.00 = USD 0.21

        Mercury Bullion Savings

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Mercury Bullion Savings Dashboard

The Mercury Bullion Savings (MBS) program is a unique and cost-effective way to save and trade fractional Gold and Silver that is fully-backed by physical bullion. For as little as RM50, you can invest in Gold and Silver, taking full advantage of market and price movements.

These Gold and Silver Savings are available at a low price premium over the spot price of the respective metals, with a minimal spread between the buy & sell price, providing you with a low-cost entry point to begin saving in precious metals. You will also be able to see your P&L at any time based on the current market prices. Please note that as the global gold market is closed on weekends, the premium we charge to buy or sell is double the premium we charge on weekdays to buffer against volatility when the market opens on Monday.

Savers in the MBS program can convert their gold and silver into bars at any time once their MBS holding meets the specified conversion threshold of 50 grams for gold and 1 kg for silver. These physical bullion bars converted from savings are all minted by LBMA refineries.

Your bullion holdings will also be assessed a storage fee, calculated daily, as we must allocate space in our vaults for your holdings. Rest assured, our storage fees are the lowest in the market, starting at just RM 0.05 per day, and you can be sure your bullion is safely held. Do note that storage fees are calculated daily and billed yearly on 15th March, with a late payment fee of RM15 if you do not make storage fee payment within 30 days.

Many companies will charge you conversion fees when you convert to physical bullion - that is why they can convert such small weightage of gold. We charge no conversion fees for converting Savings into precious metals bars, and Savings can also be sold back to Mercury Gold at any time. Gold and Silver investment should be as transparent as possible! Click here for a tutorial guide on setting up an account.

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