Gold MYR 351.71 / g
Silver MYR 4.48 / g
MYR 1.00 = USD 0.21

Why Buy From Us?

An investor's next step is to decide how to purchase bullion after deciding why, what, and how much to buy. Investments in gold and silver are not like other types of financial investments, as you can choose to invest in the tangible metal itself or use a derivative financial product. At Mercury Gold, we give you the option to buy tangible bullion or to save incrementally via Mercury Bullion Savings in any amount you choose. Mercury Gold only sells LBMA-certified gold and silver, allowing for assurance in what you are buying as well as maximum resale value if you choose to sell back your gold.

Some other reasons to buy from Mercury Gold:

  • Zero conversion fees when you convert from Mercury Bullion Savings to Physical Bullion
  • Fully transparent fee structure and premiums. Unlike other retailers, we never hide our premiums in spot prices or FX rates, we take all prices directly from international exchanges
  • Options for delivery, pickup, and storage in our secure vaults. See fees here: Delivery and Storage Fees
  • Part of the Mercury Securities Group, listed on the ACE market of Bursa Malaysia. Our group has over 30 years of experience in financial markets and risk management. Your holdings are secure.
  • Mercury Bullion Savings can be bought or sold at any time at market prices and a small premium. Our premiums for MBS are some of the lowest in the market.
  • Mercury Gold takes many different forms of payment, including bank wire transfers and FPX. Also, because Mercury Gold uses Single-Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, customers can feel secure about the security of their purchases. The personal data of Mercury Gold customers is never sold to unaffiliated third parties and is shielded.
  • If you would like a special order that might not be available on our website, you can call our customer service and get a custom quotation.

Sell Back To Us

Mercury Gold also provides coverage for investors who choose to sell gold and silver bought from us. With competitive pricing, a price lock for over-the-phone sales, and a two-day payment processing guarantee, Mercury Gold makes selling gold and silver simple and secure.